Sundown's Blue Boomer
  Boomer was our first Aussie purchased from Ric Pittman in 1976. He was a cute little ball of fluff that captured our hearts instantly. Boomer went everywhere in the truck with Ron. He was Ron's faithful companion for many years.

Thank you Ric for getting us started in this wonderful breed.



  ASCA CH Starwepts One Arrogant Fox
  June 30th, 1990 - December 1st, 2003

Foxie was our first show dog and foundation for our kennel. Our kennel is named after our beloved Foxie. She was a gorgeous girl with beautiful movement and a lovely temperament. These traits were passed on to her offspring, assuring her influence in the Foxpointe boys and girls of the future.  A Special "thank you" to Carol Earnest of Starswept for the privilege of owning such a special girl.

In her retirement Foxie was our companion and house dog. Foxie was our "Grand Lady" and the start of Foxpointe Australian Shepherds.

Good bye dear friend....

  Sundown's Hot Blue Daisy
  Hall of Fame dam # 97
  January 31st, 1992 - January 9th, 2005
  We are so proud of our Daisy. She accomplished her Hall of Fame status from one litter. As one of our foundation dogs many of our successes at Foxpointe can be directly attributed to her. Daisy was our very special girl and will always have a special place in our hearts.
  ASCA/AKC CH Foxpointes Good Timin Man
  February 22,1996 - July 29th, 2006
Waylon started his winning ways with multiple Best of Breed Puppy wins. He was a very clean moving dog with great substance and a pick me attitude. Waylon finished his ASCA and AKC championships with ease.

Waylon has titled offspring with the same sound movement he had. He was a very sweet dog, we miss him very much.

  ASCA CH Testimonys Walkin On Water
  August 4th, 2000-September 10th, 2004
  Walker was a beautiful red merle dog. He was a balanced moderate dog with lovely movement. Walker has major pointed offspring currently in the ring.

We were very sad when we lost Walker so unexpectedly.


  Foxpointes One Cut Above
  October 19th, 1993 - April 2006

Cutter was born from our dear Foxie's first litter. He was a Great Frisbee player, he just loved his Frisbee. Every morning he would go to get the newspaper for Jack. Cutter was a very loving, loyal friend.

Cutter is very much missed by his owners Jack & Marcell Resnick, and his co-owners Foxpointe. 

  Foxpointes First Spin
  October 19th, 1993-January 30th, 2006

Lexie Sue was also from Foxie's first litter. At 2 years of age she moved to Northern California to live with my sister and brother in law. My brother in law was ill and wanted a dog in the worst way.

Lexie was exactly what they needed. She was the love of their lives. My sister has lost both her husband and Lexie now, but will always remember all the love and happiness she brought to them.

Lexie was owned by Harry & Peggy Schroeder.

  ATCH/NATCH ASCA CH Foxpointe's Kissin Kate  STDs, UD,  RV-E OP JV-E OP, GV-E-SP
  Hall of Fame dam # 205
  September 1995 - March 2008
  Sire:  HOF ASCA CH Jubilee's Plain Brown Wrapper CD
  Dam: HOF Sundown's Hot Blue Daisy
Katie is a gorgeous red tri girl, with intelligence to match. With her stunning good looks and sound movement she finished her ASCA Championship with ease. Katie has proven to be a very versatile Aussie. She has excelled in Agility and Obedience. She has also earned started herding titles.
Katie is OFA Excellent and her eyes clear. She has full dentition with a scissors bite.
Katie has passed on her versatile qualities to her kids and has titled offspring in various areas of competition.

Katie was still competing and earning titles in Agility as a veteran. She was Best Opposite Sex Veteran at the 2004 ASCA National Specialty.

Katie is now enjoying her retirement.

  ASCA CH Foxpointe's Kandee Kisses CD, RS-O,GS-O,JS-O
  February 1997 - April 2011
  sire:  HOF ROMX1  ASCA/AKC CH Casa Blanca's Tot'ly Awsm Dude RS-E, JS-O, GS-N, RJ-N,  JJ-N, AX, AXJ, OP, OJP, EAC, NAC-JH, OJC, NJC-JH, NGC, CGC, TDI, HIT
  dam: HOF ATCH/NATCH ASCA CH Foxpointes Kissin Kate STDs, UD, HT, RV-E OP, JV-E-OP, GV-E-SP
  Kandee finished her ASCA championship before 18 months of age, and has also premiered at the ASCA nationals specialty in 2001 & 2002.   Kandee was the Australian Shepherd Club of San Diego County Special Bitch of the Year for 2003.
Kandee has beautiful side gait and is very correct coming and going. Kandee's wonderful temperament and personality wins over everyone who meets her. She is OFA Good, her eyes cleared , she has full dentition with a scissors bite.  
  ASCA /AKC CH Foxpointe Just Chuggs Along CDX, RV-E, GS-O, JV-E
  April 1995 - July 2010
  sire:  HOF AKC/ASCA CH Windhills Shine On Macon
  dam: ASCA CH Starswept's One Arrogant Fox
  Chuggs is a very dynamic Black Tri Dog. Chuggs finished his ASCA & AKC championship easily. He is a balanced, moderate dog with personality plus. Chuggs is OFA good, he has full dentition with a scissors bite. Chuggs eyes are cleared.
Chuggs is a versatile Aussie competing in Agility and Obedience, as well as Conformation ring . Chuggs has majored pointed offspring in the show ring.


  Foxpointes Easy Ryder
  October 2000 - December 2010
  sire:  ASCA/AKC CH Elite's Eisen On The Cake
  dam: ASCA CH Foxpointe's Kandee Kisses CD, RS-O,GS-O,JS-O
Ryder is a stunning red tri dog. He is very correct coming and going with gorgeous side gate. Ryder is 21 inches tall. He is OFA excellent with full dentition and scissors bite. Ryder's eyes are cleared annually.

Ryder has titled offspring currently showing in the Specials ring.


  ASCA CH Foxpointe's Mustang Sally
  sire:  ASCA/AKC CH Heartfires Willin N Able
  dam: ASCA CH Starswept's One Arrogant Fox
Sally is a beautiful little blue girl  18 1/2 " tall.  Sally finished her championship in grand style, putting our kennel Foxpointe in the ASCA Hall of Fame. Sally is OFA Good, clear eyes and she has full dentition with a scissors bite.  
  Foxpointe's Red Line Fever CD,STD's, RAE, OA, AXJ, RS-O, JS-O, GS-E
  sire:  HOF ASCA/AKC CH Summertime One Tough Testimony
  dam: HOF ATCH/NATCH/ASCA CH Foxpointe's Kissin Kate  STDs, UD,  RV-E OP JV-E OP, GV-E-SP

Rudy is competing in Obedience and Agility. He is working on his MACH in AKC and working on finishing his Elite titles in NADAC. Rudy also has his championship in Rally.


Rudy was born at Foxpointe and left at 8 weeks of age with his new owner Gary Albino.

Gary passed away in November, 2007. Rudy has moved back home to spend the rest of his life with us.


We love you Rudy.


  ASCA CH Foxpointe's One In A Million
  sire:  ASCA/AKC CH Foxpointes Good Timin Man
  dam: ASCA CH  Foxpointe's Kandee Kisses CD, RS-O,GS-O,JS-O
  Millie is a typey blue merle girl 19 1/2" tall. She is very well balanced and clean coming and going.  Millie's eyes are clear and she has full dentition, scissors bite and OFA good. Watch for Millie in the breed ring, her unusual markings will really catch your eye.
  Foxpointes Dusk Til Dawn
  sire:  ASCA/AKC CH Foxpointe Just Chuggs Along CDX, RV-E, GSO, JV-E
  dam: Foxpointe's  One In A Million
Tillie is 19 1/2 inches tall OFA good, full dentition and scissors bite Eyes cleared yearly. At the ASCSDC show March 14th 2004 Tillie went winners bitch for a 4 point major. This was her first time in the ring since the nationals 2002  
  Foxpointe's Hot N Spicy @ Sundown
  sire:  ASCA/AKC CH Testimonys Walkin On Water
  Dam: ASCA CH Sundowns A Rose Is A Rose
  Spice's first time out at Wags for Wishes show in the adult classes she went Winners Bitch under senior breeder judge Carl Ann Hartangle for a major.

The very next day she came home with a Reserve Winners Bitch. What a nice weekend  this was.

  ATCH SP NATCH Foxpointe's Sealed With A Kiss UD, RV-E SP,GV-E SP, JV-E SP, EAC-V, ECC-V, EJC-V,
                                                                                   O-TN-E, O-TG-E, O-WV-E MX, MXJ

sire:  ASCA/AKC CH Foxpointes Good Timin Man


dam: HOF ATCH/NATCH ASCA CH Foxpointe's Kissin Kate  STDs, UD,  RV-E OP JV-E OP, GV-E-SP

Star has finished all her Elite Agility titles in ASCA, Elite titles in NADAC, & Excellent titles in AKC.